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"The Plague of God" - What Are We Going To Do This Ramadhan?
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"The Plague of God" - What Are We Going To Do This Ramadhan?
Muhammad ash-Shareef

"I am the plague of god sent to punish humanity for their sins."

- Gengis Khan (may the curse of Allah be upon him)

Six hundred and 17 years after the noble Hijrah of the Ummah to Madinah, dogs of Hell slipped into the villages of Samarkand, Ray and Hamdan. Time has silenced the shrills of the Muslim men, women and children, only the ink of history mourns them today.

When the sun rose that morning, the Tatars gathered to prostrate themselves to it. Nothing was sacred to them, nothing. They ate anything, alive or dead. They were the leading cause of the latter.

Al-Hafidh Ibn Katheer wrote, "If someone said that humanity has never been tested with more evil than what happened in those years, they would not be incorrect."

Had we passed through those Muslim villages the night after, we would have seen the burnt corpses of over Fifty thousand Muslims. The Tatars - unable to take so many prisoners - would gather them in large groups and burn them all alive. They stood and watched as the embers cooled.

We would have seen the wealth they had no need for burnt to the earth. Hijab violated, the Muslim women became the toys of their perverted desires. After they had finished with our Muslim mothers, sisters and daughters, they silenced the tears.

And the pens recorded ...

Al Hafidh Ibn Katheer wrote, "I have little doubt that those that come after us, when they read these events they will think it to be exaggerations. Let those who have doubt know that it is I and all the historians of our time that wrote about it. Everyone knows this, every scholar and laymen." - al Bidaayah wan Nihaayah 13/77

Village after village shrilled with the destruction of life. Until in the year six hundred and fifty eight, the Tatar - over 200 thousand - galloped into Baghdad, Hulagu Khan their god for that day.

If we said they murdered one Muslim woman in the city square, you may have a chance at understanding the pain. Estimates say they slaughtered up to 1.8 million Muslims! The entire city had their throats slit, the Khaleefah, al Musta'sam billaah, was dragged out like a lamb as they washed their hands with his spilt blood. His company in death was his oldest son Ahmad who was 15 and his younger son AbdurRahman.

Muslim families would scurry into huts and hide themselves. The Tatar would find them and chase them to roof tops and there they would slaughter them. That sacred blood fell from the sky, the alleys of Baghdad began to run with streams of blood.

After over 40 days of pure horror, the minarets of Baghdad - the Muslim empire - were deserted.

...there was one Muslim by the name of Al-Mudhaffar Qutuz who watched the news of what happened to those Muslims in Samarkand, Ray, Hamdaan, and hundreds of other villages. He saw the Tatar snuff the lives of over a
million souls and resolved to stop it.

Ramadan had entered in the year six hundred fifty eight, and the army of King Al-Mudhaffar left from Egypt and arrived at Ayn Jaloot in Filisteen.

In the last 10 nights of Ramadan, while the world stood looking for Laylatul Qadr, Al-Mudhaffar stood in the face of the evil and twisted Tatar.

In Ayn Jaloot, before the moon was sighted for Eid, al-Mudhaffar - by the Mercy of Allah - had crushed the back of the Tatar! In Ramadan!

Mudhaffar was never to see his home again, on the return journey he was murdered. May Allah accept the Jihad of Mudhaffar and his Muslim army - his name was whispered in the du'aa of every Muslim that year...

What are we going to do this Ramadan?