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Nur ar-Ramadan

Jordans Ramadan Charity-oriented

By Tareq Delwani, IOL Correspondent


The beginning of Ramadan in Jordan on Friday, October 15, saw the launch of a series of charity activities to alleviate the burdens of the poor families in the kingdom.

As part of such efforts, the Jordanian government allocated 450,000 dinars to be distributed among the poor through the Ministry of Social Development.

The Ministry of Awkaf (religious endowments) will also send aid packages to the main mosques to deliver them to poor families across the kingdom during the holy month.

The ministry will host, like every year, Iftar banquets where food is given for free to poor Muslims and passers-by to break their fast.

According to official statistics, around 20 per cent of the Jordanian people life under the line of poverty, particularly in the south.

Life Campaign

Also Friday, Al- Hussein Cancer Center launched its second annual campaign to raise funds and help provide excellent and comprehensive cancer treatment to patients.

"The campaign will run for the entire month of Ramadan to raise 200000 dinars for poor patients who receive cancer treatment in Al-Hussein Center," said HRH Princess Ghida Talal, chairperson of the center.

Donations can be made through sending SMS and dialing up the cancer numbers, she added in press statements.

By sending the SMS 'life' to the designated number one dinar for each SMS will go directly to Al-Hussein Center.

Last Ramadan Jordan’s two giant mobile operators  launched a campaign in cooperation with Al-Hussein Center to raise funds for cancer patients.


With mosques teeming with worshipers for `Isha’ (Night) and Tarawih prayers during the dawn-to-dusk fasting month, the Jordanian authorities decided to organize a series of seminars to address issues of concern of the Jordanian people.

Prominent scholars from Arab and Islamic countries will be invited to the get-togethers t6o deliver sermons.

"Starting from this Ramadan, the religious seminars will be organized in all cities across the kingdom," Islamic Affairs Minister Ahmad Hilayel told

He said all issues of concern to the Jordanian people will be raised during such meetings.

The first such seminar was held Friday in Abdullah bin Al Hussein mosque on the virtues of fasting.