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Nur ar-Ramadan

The Comoros Islands

The Comoros are found off the east coast of Africa, between Mozambique and Madagascar.

On the coast of the Islands, the Muslims keep awake till the morning time. The Muslims of the Comoros rejoice to welcome the blessed month of Ramadan from the beginning of the month of Sha`ban. In Ramadan, they decorate the mosques with lamps and gather there to perform prayer and recite the Glorious Qur’an. Also, they give out charity and increase their good deeds.

On the first night of Ramadan, people go out of their houses to the coast with their lamps in their hands. The rays of their lit lamps reflect on the sea, and they beat their drums to announce the arrival of Ramadan and remain there until midnight.

Among the well-known foods of the Comoros are soup, meat, mango, and so on. The people drink the juice of pineapple and other fruits.